The challenges of moving an office or industry are many. Pason global have the expertise, resources, equipment and the machinery to match the profile of your office or industry and provide solutions for the same. We do the necessary to safeguard your assets, identification and labeling, floor plan layouts, computer networking and telecommunications.

Detailed information

Pre-move survey

Conduct a survey and discuss individual needs with customers. 

Notable points

1. Professional pre-move survey
2. Detailed moving plan presented to your management team
3. Formal premove briefing of your staff by our move managers
4. System furniture take-down and set up
5. All items, labelled according to employee and office area, will be placed as requested and unpacked
6. Moving of large safes or other special equipment
7. Office records and files transferred properly to insure no re-filing
8. Competitively priced, but with an emphasis on quality and professionalism